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Power trainings, mass definition training, to nutrition programmes and race preparations

This week we have talked with a personel bodybuilder trainer Murat Kumsuz. He is a champion. But more importantly he is the champions' trainer. He has been doing Body Building sport for 28 years and has lots of both international and national success. He is a total Hulk with amazing muscle power, as you will see in the photos. He made me seem skinny boy near to him (my height is 1.81 cm and weight is 86kg)

We had a really useful conversation. We talked about lots of things from power trainings to mass definition training, to nutrition programmes and race preparations. Our common program is ready and we are going to start this week. I have a tough time ahead of me but at the end of these trainings i will be fully ready for race in terms of the physical condition. And for motivation, I have already too much of it, it wont be a problem for me. I will be sharing the videos of my trainings in coming days in my youtube channel.

And that’s it for today.


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