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Around the world
By the three great capes
With a unique format
Budget friendly
Environmentally conscious
Starts in A Coruña September 2023




My childhood passed as I watched Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Calypso`s researches and adventures in the open seas and dreaming that I would be on those seas one day. This dream of mine never faded. I have always kept it alive saying `definitely someday`.


Now with the Global Ocean Race project, I will achieve this dream and I will be a first in the Turkish Sailing history if I make it.


Turkish people lived far from sailing their whole lives. They raised captains and sailors like Caka Bey, Barbaros, Oruc Reis, Piri Reis but unfortunately we couldn`t be a ‘sailor nation’ globally.


With this project, my goal is to:


be the first Turkish person to sail around the world ‘by himself, without stopping or help’, having my name in Turkish sailing history and show everyone that Turkish people have a place in sailing too. Being an example to young generations with this project and to inspire them will be the biggest success for me.

Check Strategies


I have 1,5 years to prepare for such a journey.


Most important point is to being mentally prepared to do this cruse alone.


My preparing plan has three steps.


1. Physical Preparations:

1.1 Physical fitness exercises

1.2 Eating and sleeping schedule preparation

1.3 Preparing the boat to be ready for a solo race

1.4 Open sea exercises and trainings

1.5 Certifications


2. Psychological Preparations:

2.1 Training with professionals to be prepared for the race with the maximum motivation and mental strength.


3. Financial Preparations:

3.1 Sponsorship Deals

3.2 Media work

Follow All Plans


The race will start at La Corunya city in Spain and contestants will sail around the world by sailing 26.000 sea miles, without outside help or stopping, in around 180 days.


According to the route, sailors first pass the Atlantic Ocean and then go to the south seas.


After passing the Cape Of Good Hope, sailing by the most dangerous seas and nature conditions at 40-50 and 60. parallels known as “Growling Forties, Furious Fifties, Screaming Sixties” sailors will go to east, Cape of Leeuwin cape.


After passing Cape Of Leeuwin, route to east will continue, Nemo point which is the furthest point in world seas (closest habitat is the MIR space station with 400 km and closest land is 2.700 km) and the Horn cape which is known as the most dangerous passage, will be passed.


In Atlantic Ocean sailors will turn to North again and pass the Doldrum area and Equator line, going back to La Corunya city.


All of the sailors who joins this race are members of an elite group. They show great confidence, bravery and durability. With these features, they are able to race through the most dangerous areas of the world and sail their latest technology boats to the most extreme corners of the planet.


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